Abandoned Mind Games

Abandoned Mind Games Miniatures

Heroic-sized tabletop gaming miniatures compatible with 25-34mm miniatures and plastic click figures for Pulp and Modern Miniature Gaming and RPGs.

Try the flexible Abandoned Mind Games RPG for free. Roll up experienced characters that can become what ever you want them to be, or roll up your favorite heroes from the media or literature (comics are literature) and drop them into your favorite game world! This is a beta version (actually more like 10th version) of the rules, Mario Zecca has been developing them for over 20 years. Newly revised and doubly edited PDFs have been posted on his website.

Recommended for role playing or character-oriented miniature gaming. See the Abandoned Mind Games Simple System (In the section below the first group of downloads) for quick play tactical miniature gaming.

Both systems can be downloaded here:
Abandoned Mind Games Free Downloads